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       We're always thinking of new ideas for media, so if you'd like to see more be sure to sign up for notifications on our Youtube or Vimeo channels. We also welcome all questions and other feedback at

Our Newest Animation:

       As we near the crowdfunding campaign we're working to dial in a better understanding of what aspects of Needpedia we need to explain further. So if there's anything that seems unclear, please let us know

Our Crowdfunding Video:

       If you would like to help us create the wiki for all solutions, be sure to check back in in a couple weeks for our crowdfunding campaign. Even if all you can do is hit the share button it really helps.

Animation: "Side-By-Side"

       Imagine being able to see all your options side by side, with input from experts, and innovative new communication tools. Imagine being free from "filter bubbles" and "echo chambers". Ultimately, this is about freedom.

Do you have your own idea for a video?

-If so we'd love to hear it!

        Especially at the pre-development stage, our job is to make sense to people. Here at Needpedia we're all personally tired of networks that are built to profit off of their users, so we're not seeking 'monetization-strategies', investors, or corporate support of any kind. This is a 100% grassroots operation. 

        We all know we want a network truly 'of the people by the people', the only catch is it's up to us to make it happen. This is what democracy looks like!

        That means it's ultimately just as valuable for us to know what doesn't work for our audience as it is to know what does. -As well as knowing what seems to still be missing. The more you and others can help us dial in our media and spread the word, the sooner all of us can have access to the database for all solutions.

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