What it's like being on the verge of crowdfunding

You know it's a humble beginning when you have no clue if it'll even come to be regarded as a 'beginning'. I tell ya, following your dreams makes you vulnerable. Needpedia.com's been up for a month now and it's still got virtually zero traffic. It's okay though because it's not supposed to yet. The idea is to get everything set up for the crowdfunding campaign, then pay for ads and start pumping out content. Right now I'm writing content, and working with people to produce more videos. None of this will be released 'till the crowdfunding begins so for now Needpedia's Facebook page and the others are silent. I'm really hoping I can find more collaborators, I can't do this all on my own. The collaborators I've had in the past are busy with other projects and despite this literally being a project to build the wiki for all good ideas, I can only seem to get people that say 'good idea' then tell me they're busy with other things. And the truth is they are, it's hard just to make rent, just to suffer through work and the financial claustrophobia and depression it creates. -Then there's family stuff and all who knows what else. I just want to live in a world where people can work on what they find interesting without worrying if they fail to pay their 'lords' (landlords) enough to not die outside like some kind of fucking animal. I've gone my whole life hearing about other people's great ideas for making the world better, now it's to make a wiki for them. I have complete certainty this project's a good idea, I only question whether the others will too. I've never been good at popularity contests, so crowdfunding is kinda terrifying. You know in the beginning I thought the idea was so good someone might actually steal it, but after awhile it felt like I could yell about it alllll day, and only get the cops called on me. Things are even harder because I decided to not involve investors. Investors expect money back, and monetization just leads to another Facebook. These kinds of people would inevitably decide to "monetize" Needpedia by doing things like selling users data, (which lets marketers prey upon our user's vulnerabilities and manipulate them even better). A lot of people probably think I'm the biggest idiot on Earth for thinking like that but they don't realize a wiki for all good ideas can be used to crowdfund, and crowdsource new ideas for funding. We don't need a CEO or marketing division, in fact because we don't have to pay for a bunch of trucks or anything we can keep Needpedia's budget small. -At least until the community finds better ways of generating income.

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