We're going to be crowdfunding soon,

and people interested in pitching in or helping often ask me about my own politics, because they want to know they're supporting someone with good intentions. And I respect that, so I'm going to write this post about it.

The first thing to know is I believe any tools that would enable me to impose my values onto another human being, automatically attracts the attention of people who do evil, so my goal is to not create any such tools.

In fact I see Needpedia as the tool for destroying those kinds of tools. When I say things like "the token system lets people expose myths and fallacies right where they're being said on the page", I'm talking about people publicly eviscerating propaganda. Game theory mathematically proves cooperation is ultimately the most efficient and powerful option available to us, so Needpedia's tools will naturally be used to challenge all un-cooperative behaviors. Which include the military industrial complex, the so called "drug wars", the predatory pharmaceutical industry, and all the other evils still plaguing humanity.

That said, my own views don't really matter. -If your city's free to list all its problems, and list all the potential solutions for each problem, my opinion has no effect on anything in your city. I'm sure as hell not designing the site to censor you any more than I have to, to protect people.

And because that's the excuse all oppressors use, I'm pleased to say you or anyone else can always look up "Needpedia" as an 'area' on Needpedia, and collaborate on these kinds of problems yourselves, instead of being left to worry about the integrity of whoever's in control of the site. We plan to introduce a level of decentralization and transparency the world has literally never even seen before.

Words alone cannot possibly convey how badly I want to see this thing in action. I've never wanted control over anyone else, I just want freedom. And I want to know everyone else has freedom too. I want to be free to travel the world without wondering if my carbon footprint's big enough to also be measurable in 'body count'. I don't want to be complicit, I don't want to sip a martini while the mother of all mothers is raped. -and countless women and others with her. I've seen the destruction, in fact I grew up in it, and as much as my own views might be completely different from yours, know that I am without a doubt as committed to the integrity of Needpedia as a human can possibly be. What I've already seen haunts and outrages me, and I can see the system is destroying my own family's life support systems too; so no bribe or threat on Earth will deter me.

And should this network somehow someday go corrupt, the code is open source, so the moment people can see their input's no longer valued, or gets undermined by the introduction of some weird 'electoral college' like thing, they can simply copy and paste our original code to create their own network. -and even tweek it to better suit them. This way anyone in control of Needpedia will know they can't actually use it to control others, they are merely public servants, and their success depends purely upon their capacity to serve in that respect.

Furthermore the long-term goal is complete decentralization. Ideally there will be no "us", everything Needpedia does will be the direct result of what its users vote. This is the ultimate tool for mass liberation. That's my position. Tony Brasher Needpedia founder

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