How would this help an everyday person like me? Can't I already look up information on the internet?

       It takes time and energy to search through a bunch of different links, and at the end of the day, how do you know you actually got to see the best content?

       -Not only will ideas be neatly displayed side-by-side on Needpedia, but the token system allows people to point out myths, fallacies, and falsehoods, and the layer system lets you see what the experts think, (and debate).

       What about problems that have no solutions?

       They'll continue having no solutions. -But the quality and organization of the discussions that surround them will be increased greatly. -People won't have to start from scratch anymore, they can start by seeing where the conversation left off between all the other people, experts, ideas, and debates. 

       What if people try to use it to harm people?

       Our Terms Of Service agreement prohibits the same kinds of behavior as any other site, and our programmers will provide users with tools to flag malicious content, like any other site.

       In fact, some of our features may provide safer alternatives than what a lot of people are using now. -For instance, every time a babysitter uses Craigslist to meet a new client, they're walking into the house of a stranger. When a network does nothing to provide information about the users, its consequences can be fatal. Our tools will offer users a way to network differently than that, interactions people choose to make with other users won't be anonymous, so people won't have to walk into situations blindly. -They'll even be able to see other people's reviews from previous interactions.

       What if it gets hacked?

       We're not storing any sensitive data at all in the beginning. However security will be in constant discussion on our a site because we are literally building the wiki for all problems and potential solutions, for all (acceptable) places, processes, and theories on Earth. Optimizing things is what we do.



       What will the crowdfunding money be used for?


       There are well over a dozen programmers who have told us they can create every single feature we want for 4 thousand dollars. From there we will need money for:

-More professional media
-Licensing Needpedia as its own 501(c)3 nonprofit
-Promoting the network
-Security testing
-Developing future expansions
-Web-hosting services
-Buying up the web addresses that are similar enough to for others to potentially scam our users

 Plus whatever other expenses inevitably pop up. 


       Perhaps you noticed the budget doesn't include any wages, that's because we're all volunteers. Not a single dollar we raise goes to anyone on our team.

It's also worth mentioning we've been hearing from programmers who want to volunteer. And if they can make real progress by the time the fundraising is done, then we're going to switch our development strategy. Instead of paying a development team to do everything (then leave once they're done or charge every time we need help), we want to attract more programmers and accelerate development by offering money for the completion of pre-specified tasks. That way we can pay programmers to build the harder parts quickly, while still cultivating a community of programmers who can help maintain the site down the road. -Hopefully achieving the best of both worlds.



       How do you plan to sustain this site in the long term?

       Instead of selling users data and all the other things sites are doing for money, our goal is to be entirely community funded. -To ensure there will never be a conflict of interest no matter how large or old Needpedia may someday become. We serve the public, that's our bottom line.


       How can you offer tax deductible donations when you're not registered on Guidestar as a 501(c)3 nonprofit?


       Through our partnership with Media Island International. They're a well established nonprofit based in Olympia Washington that helps individuals and organizations produce media and develop their own pro-social projects. Needpedia itself functions as a development branch for Media Island International, our singular goal being to produce, maintain, and continuously-improve the wiki for all solutions.

       When will the wiki be launched?


       With the ideal budget, within less than 3 months. Then it goes into testing which shouldn't take more than another two months. Wikis also need awhile for volunteers to build up enough content for them to be useful to everyday people. After all, it's one thing to see you're the first one posting about problems in your city, it's another to find yourself wondering if there's any interesting content on the site at all. 

       What kind of collaborators are you looking for? 


       All kinds. Here's a short list of the different tasks we'd like help with. For more information visit the "Collaboration" page in the menu above or send us a message at (or on Facebook or Twitter).


-Ask other cool organizations you know about if they've heard about what we're doing, and if they might be interested in offering a signal boost, or a tax-deductible donation.

-Ask smart people you know if they'd be interested in this project, word of mouth is powerful and we really could use more collaborators.

-Post relevant content to our social media accounts, and engage people with questions. If you're wondering it, other people probably are too.

-Make Art! Capture it somehow and share it with us. 

-Write. Long or short, if you find inspiration to write it there's a good chance we can use it.

-Hop in front of a camera or send us interesting footage we can use. We love having more content to make videos and other things with. 

-Program, Needpedia's on Github, feel free to find us there. We're also on Slack, let us know if you'd like an invite. 


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