Welcome to our collaboration space!

       In a world where even flashlight apps sell your data and worse, we've decided to avoid monetizing our site. This ensures there won't be any conflicts of interest, or strings attached, but it also means we don't have investors, or start up capital.

       Our plan is to crowdfund, therefore we need to build community.
 If you want to know when the crowdfunding begins, subscribe for updates below, (for big events only/no spam). You can find us on Facebook too.

       We've made a list of little things people can do to help in the meantime, and for those interested in joining the team we've got links to our posts on below. Thanks for tuning in!

       Helpful Tasks:

-Help us spark conversations and spread the word by sharing links.

-Ask people you know if they like the project, and if they might want to help.


-Post content to our social media accounts, and engage people with questions. (If you're wondering it, other people probably are too).

-Donate, or ask wealthier people you know if they might want to, (tax-deductible 501(c)3 nonprofit receipts available). We only need a few thousand to program everything. And that's assuming we don't generate enough support to attract volunteer programmers, with them we can reduce the costs enormously.

-Ask programmers if they'd like to volunteer.

-If you write code, and would like an invite to our Slack, just let us know (at

-Ask other organizations if they've heard about what we're doing, and if they might be interested in offering a signal boost, or a tax-deductible donation.

-Make Art! Capture it somehow and share it with us. Art attracts attention and makes our posts more engaging.

-Write. Long or short, if you find inspiration to write something, there's a good chance we can use it. All submissions are welcome at and on our various social media accounts.

-Hop in front of a camera and talk, or send us interesting footage we can use. 


Open Volunteer Positions:
Thanks for tuning in!
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