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Our Mission:

To build the wiki for
     all possible solutions
          for all known problems.

                                   With our tools, anything you want or need to do that involves other people can have it's own space, wherein each problem and potential solution are neatly organized and discussed. This means almost anything you want to do can be more effective and more efficient. 

     Our wiki for all solutions makes it easy for people to see all their options side by side.

     With ratings, user reviews, and input from experts, everyone will be free to see the world's best ideas.

     Instead of Google and other corporations controlling what information you can see, you'll have access to the wiki for all known solutions.


Our Mission:

Our Innovations:

The Layer system:

     All posts can be given new layers, making it easy for experts to collaborate with each other and the public.

     This way citizens & experts can work together on anything that matters to them; and the wiki for all solutions can be more than a storage space for ideas, it can be a powerful new catalyst for them.

     The Layer system also enables people to learn subjects by reading the actual conversations experts are having about solving real problems, in real cities. -And all other areas of life.

The Token system:

     Tokens are (hyperscript) icons that users can drop into pages that each do something different.

     Once dropped they become part of a page, so all myths and misinformation can be exposed publicly.

     This way all discussions and ballots can include the entire community's experience and insight.

Our Roots:

"open source" referred to programs that allowed users to see their code.

     This enables people to create their own versions, and even form communities that create together.

     Today the open source movement extends beyond programming. Its innovations in collaboration, transparency, and  community-oriented development inspire entire generations to dream of a better world.

Open Source

     Because Needpedia is designed to enable people to see all the best ideas for virtually anything, they'll also be free to see and vote on solutions for problems (and proposed improvements) with Needpedia itself.

     This means we can be continuously improving the tools we use to improve the world.  We just need a little help to get started. 

Want Updates?
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